Swanson O’Dell


I would highly recommend this firm. Jeremy Swanson has helped me through a few legal issues. It is never fun when you have to go through a legal battle. Jeremy is reasonable in cost and gets the job done. He is kind and compassionate and accessible. I was glad to have him in my corner and he accomplished everything in a fast and efficient manner! These were very small business issues and I was worried they were too small to get an attorney interested in helping me. Thanks Jeremy, I appreciate you!

– Ann Richardson

First time I met with Mr. Swanson, I wanted to appeal a judgement in my child support case. He could have taken my money at that time and got me nothing. He gave me free advice and sent me on my way. Once I was ready half a year later to revisit my case, I contacted his office because of the initial meeting was very honest. I hired him not for the appeal, but to file a change of circumstance instead. He did a great job and him and his staff got me exactly what I asked for. One more thing that was a nice touch working with Mr. Swanson was receiving explicit documentation of exactly what my retainer was used for and how much was used for each item that was worked on. I've never gotten anything like this from any other family law attorneys I've had in the past.

– Kacy Aakhus

Very professional, and really pay attention to details in a case. The attorney and staff are very welcoming and cover any questions you may have. They give you 100% of their focus when on your case, unlike other attorneys that will schedule multiple clients at once when going to court.

– Danielle M.

We are so happy we found Swanson-Odell. Jeremy Swanson has been our attorney for a few years now, and he has helped us with many issues. He is very responsive and has guided us through some difficult areas regarding homeowners. When there was a threat of a lawsuit, he helped everyone be calm and to stick to the facts. His fees are reasonable, and we are very pleased we hired this law firm.

– Jill F.

So impressed with the service. I was recommended to this firm by a friend and could not have been happier with the results. Thank you so much, Jeremy!

– Josh Ochoa

We hired Mr. Swanson for homeowner issues, and I'm so glad we did. Previously, we had an attorney from LA and then one from Bakersfield. Mr. Swanson has handled our questions and a potential lawsuit quickly and efficiently, and he didn't nickel and dime us for every little thing like one attorney did. We are very pleased with him.

– Anonymous