Posted by Jeremy Swanson
On March 01, 2016

“Can Child Support Services Suspend My Driver’s License?”

“Can Child Support Services Suspend My Driver’s License?”

People fall behind in child support for a variety of reasons, and any past due support is considered arrears, which accrues interest at 10% per year. If the Department of Child Support Services is collecting the support, they have quite a few options to collect the arrears. They may:

*Garnish your wages for more than your monthly support with the overage going to your arrears.

*Suspend your driver’s license until you begin to make progress on your payments.

*Intercept your tax refund and apply it to the arrears.

*Place a lien on any real property you own (a house or land).

*Take money from your bank accounts under a write of execution.

The most important thing to remember with arrears in support is DON’T IGNORE THEM. If the amount builds up, it can be almost impossible to pay back when you add in the interest. In addition, if you are ignoring the court process, Child Support Services will use whatever means are at their disposal to collect the support. If you are working with them with a plan to repay, you can avoid most of the nasty surprises.

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